Welcome to Travel Felicity, a brand new travel blog in English, published by awarded Norway’s Best Travel Blogger, at the Travel Fair “Reiselivsmessen” in Oslo January 2017.

Norway's Best Travel Blogger

This is what the jury said:

The blog shows great diversity, is user friendly and easy to navigate. It features beautiful pictures and an inspiring, fresh design. There is a personal touch but no navel gazing. And – perhaps most importantly – it’ll make you want to travel.

Media Kit for Reiselykke & Travel Felicity

Reiselykke and Travel Felicity is published by Reiselykke Media, the small one-woman run company, where owner and freelancer Mette Solberg Fjeldheim also do travel articles and photography for other well renown media houses.

Target group for both websites / blogs

  • The focus of content is on the destination and independent, quality minded travellers seeking travel advice, inspiration, and recommendations while encouraging people to travel responsibly
  • Offer travel advice and storytelling in a personal voice within a variety of themes and aspects
  • Primary target group is Norwegian couples aged 35+, traveling on a medium plus to high budget
  • Read more about topics and Reiselykke as a magazine and blog here 
  • 76 % of Reiselykke’s readers are female
  • 84 % live in Norway
  • The largest age groups are 25 – 54 years old
  • Travel Felicity is a brand new travel blog, released January 2018

Media attention and acknowledgement

Check this post for details list of interviews and media attention

in the news

Collaborations and partnerships

  • Selected travels are sponsored by KLM 
  • Board Member at Impact Norway: Action Against Needless Disability
  • Board Member at PATA Norway Chapter
  • Co-founder of Nordic Nomads

Reiselykke & Travel Felicity work with the travel industry in various ways, such as attend press trips in groups and individual press trips, paid collaborations, such as attending influencer trips and collaborations on ads and sponsored content. I also do partnerships, such as the one I have with KLM on selected travels.

Through my company, Reiselykke Media, I offer services in content marketing, hold speeches/workshops about communication, writing and travel blogging. As freelancer a deliver travel articles and columns to various media.

Stefan Gadd, PR Director Gothenburg & co

Most visitors come from Norway. Norwegian press visits us often and does nice travel guides such as this one from Reiselykke

A few of the brands Reiselykke has been collaborating with:

Collaborations with travel brands

Storytelling, guides, travel blog and portfolio

Reiselykke is an online travel magazine, offering stories, guides and resources for travelers. The focus of Reiselykke is always on the destination, although the stories are told in a personal voice. The attempt is to inspire quality minded travelers, tourists and visitors to explore and to see more of the destination they are visiting and to go beyond the limits of their hotel facilities.

Travel Felicity is my travel blog and portfolio in English, where I will display highlights from my travels, as well as my portfolio as freelance writer / publisher / photographer.

Reiselykke Media is the name of my company, where I offer my services as freelance writer and photographer, give workshops, speeches as well as publish digital guides for sale at

Work with Reiselykke?

For inquiries  about collaboration, sponsored posts, ads, campaigns or invitation to press trips and events, please send an e-mail to /


  • I only collaborate with companies that fit the profile of Reiselykke & Travel Felicity
  • All sponsored content will contain disclosure
  • I do not accept content for link exchange or promote gambling