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Spectacular nature, friendly people and wonderful places to explore hiking. 

Traveling to the Faroe Islands, you will be met by windy, rough nature, spectacular waterfalls, splendid hiking routes and charming villages. Not to forget the sheep, all 70 000 of them – and the kind, quiet people.

Visiting Tórshavn, you will have good options for traditional, local food (fermented food, locally called ræst), fine dining in charming restaurants and the best sushi I have ever tasted.

The Faroe Islands is famous for its knit work, and you should check out one of the stores in Tórshavn and buy a hand knitted sweater to bring home.

Now, if you are planning to visit the Faroe Islands, these are some of the activities and sights I really recommend. More travel info and recommendations below.

These are the

Hightlights of the Faroe Islands

in my personal experience:

1.Hiking the postman’s route to Gásadalur

Gásadalur The Faroe Islands

Gásadalur is a small village with only 8 inhabitants. Formerly without a road to reach the village with, the postman had to hike over the mountain three times a week to deliver mail. Now, there is a tunnel leading the road through to Gásadalur. But the hike is still a beautiful activity and one of my favorite memories from the trip. It takes about two hours to hike over the 700 meter high mountain to Gásadalur from Bøur.

We went on a guided tour with Johannús from Reika Adventure.

2. Horseback riding to Sørvágsvatn

Horseback riding The Faroe IslandsI went horseback riding with Davidsen Hestar, and together with Renate from Renatesreiser.com and Elisabeth from GlobetrotterElisa.com, we went for a two hour long ride on Icelandic horses. It was so fun! The sun was shining and ride was an adventure in wonderful surroundings. We had a stop by the ridge towards the sea, where we could see the waterfall Bøsdalafossur from the greatest lake on The Faroe Islands, Sørvágsvatn.

3. Roadtripping the Faroe Islands

Roadtripping-The Faroe IslandsThe best way to explore The Faroe Islands, is to rent a car at the airport and do a round trip. There wasn’t much traffic, and we found the roads easy to drive. Make sure you drive along the scenic routes too, known as buttercup routes. These are a bit more narrow and windy than the regular ones, but it will take you through beautiful scenery.

4. Saksún

Saksun, Faroe Islands

Saksun is situated on the northwestern coast of Streymoy, by a lagoon, surrounded by steep mountains. According to history, this is supposed to be one of the villages that was completely ruined by the plage “Black death”.

As village, Saksun is different from most of the other villages in the Faroe islands, as the farms are more spread out here than normal. Dúvugarðar is a several hundred years-old listed farmhouse, which now is turned in to a museum.

5. Gjógv

Gjógv, Faroe IslandsGjógv is a village at the northeast tip of the island of Eysturoy. It’s name come from the 200 metre long sea-filled gorge just north to the sea from the village.

The village was named after a 200-metre long sea-filled gorge that runs north to the sea from the village. We had lunch here, as we stopped by at Gjaargardur Guesthouse.

6. Eat sushi at Etika

Sushi at Etika, Tórshavn

It is simply the best sushi I’ve ever had. You will find the place downtown Tórshavn.

How to get there

By plane: Atlantic Airways and Scandinavian Airlines, from Copenhagen (Denmark), Reykjavik (Iceland), Edinburgh (Scotland), and Bergen (Norway)

By ferry: Smyril Line from Iceland and Denmark

Accommodation: We stayed at Hotel Færoyar a short drive from Tórshavn

→ I have published several articles from the Faroe Islands in the Norwegian language at Reiselykke. You can find them here

About this trip

Partly sponsored by Visit Faroe Islands. Planned together with Nordic Nomads.


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