Traveling alone

Traveling alone requires more of you in terms of planning and you must decide things along all alone. And then there’s the biggest fear of them all: Will I be lonely?


There is an increasing number of solo travelers, and in my experience, many do so for the adventure, the excitement, the challenge – and simply because they can. Some prefer it, even. And some don’t have friends that can afford, take the time or even want to travel.

The upside to solo travel, is that you are free as a bird. You become more confident. You are more open to the experience of travel. And for those who want to get acquainted with local or fellow travelers, there’s no better way to travel.

These are tips based on my own experience with it to travel alone:

10 tips for traveling alone

  1. Travel off season: When it is often cheaper accommodation, even the most expensive places.
  2. Plan your trip: Make yourself a plan for what you want to do, but make room for change in relation to the weather, wind, desires and needs.
  3. Be sure to arrive at your destination while it is still daylight. It is much nicer to arrive in the day, when you see more of the surroundings.
  4. Book at least your first night in advance. That way you can use the first day to find your way around.
  5. Traveling alone for the first time and are unsure whether you will like it? Choose a place you’ve been before and that you know you enjoyed. When you are more confident in yourself, you can broaden your horizons.
  6. Don’t run out of time: Make sure you have enough time at the airport, to find out bus routes and to find the right platform and the time to buy a ticket.
  7. Make yourself a goal for the trip: Something you want to do, which keeps you busy and makes you thrive.
  8. Enjoy yourself! Find a good restaurant, enjoy a good meal, or ask to sit at the bar where it is easier to talk to the staff or bar man/woman.
  9. Unsure how long you thrive in their own company? Choose a shorter trip of only a few days. And:
  10. Visit places and do things where you can meet others: Sign up for a guided tour, attend a cooking class, stay in a hostel.
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